Saturday, November 04, 2006

Israel set up to fall

So much for any "war on terrorism." Both the sacriligeous United States and Hellenist Israeli authorities have been insanely arming the Nazi-Muslim "peace partners." The Israel that we know today, the corrupt, humanist, godless state, should come to its end and be brought to its knees in REPENTANCE and become the truly Jewish Homeland it's intended to be.

The covetous Ishmaelites and murderous Amalekites can definitely inflict some severe damage (enough to demand international intervention) upon the cities of Judah, but it is fascist Europe that will brutally betray both Arabs and Jews and seize Jerusalem for themselves, with the "blessings" of the pagan pope. Watch for the accursed UN Resolution 181 to be invoked soon as the final solution to the Arab-Israeli problem.