Monday, October 30, 2006

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

Ariel Sharon: From Zionist to Traitor

The Atlantic Times now contributes to the myth of the man, Ariel Sharon, and perpetuates the big lie of the "peace process."

Editor in chief Rafael Seligmann's masterpiece of deception -- "Sharon: 'First and Foremost, I'm a Jew'" -- belies harsh reality for pretty platitudes and historical revision. No self-respecting Jew would act like General Sharon who brutally betrayed those who elected him and violently expelled faithful Zionist Jews from their homes and businesses rather than defeat and drive out Israel's sworn enemies, the Nazi-Muslims. How upside down. How Luciferian! (Isaiah 5:20).

Rather than repeating the mindless mantras about a peace that NEVER materialized despite the big lie of "land for peace," with "peace partners" that never existed (read and believe the covenants of death written by the bloody PLO, Fatah and Hamas -- all who collaborate to erase Israel off the map), Seligmann's (fifth) Column could have honestly told the rest of the story and properly informed his readers about how the treacherous and selfish Ariel Sharon sold out Israel to foreign interests, a puppet of his German-Jesuit EU masters, and how he won't be around for the bitter harvest of the rotten fruit of his wicked labor.

Herr Seligmann's sloppy swill only feeds further disinformation to the masses and aids and abets those out to weaken and destroy Israel while slobbering "peace" as they prepare for war. The EU beast will rip and tear and devour both Arabs and Jews who are being played against each other, inviting the disaster of international intervention.

Sharon didn't "transform from soldier to statesman" (vomit), he morphed for money from Zionist to traitor, backstabbing the Israeli Defence Forces (the first Israeli General to abuse the IDF against Israeli citizens). General Sharon could have enforced peace through strength, securing Israel a hard-earned victory, rather than rewarding terrorism and undermining Israeli security, breaching their sovereignty, permitting Roman wolves in sheep's clothing, "peacekeepers," to pollute the Holy Land of Israel.

The EU jackboot will soon trample Ariel Sharon's grave, inherit his farm and occupy the Jewish homeland, while Israelis curse his name, and that of his partner in crime, Shimon Peres.