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Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?
by Mr. Barry Chamish

copyright (c) 1998, 2006, by Mr. Barry Chamish

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Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?: The Root & Branch Information Services is serializing the book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, by Mr. Barry Chamish, with permission of the author, to commemorate the upcoming eleventh anniversary of the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin (November 4, 1995 -- November 4, 2006).

The Bible Says:

"How is the faithful city [Jerusalem] become a harlot. She that was full of justice, righteousness lodged in her, but now murderers. Your silver is become dross, your wine is mixed with water. Your princes are rebellious and companions of thieves; every one loves bribes, and follows after rewards; they judge not the fatherless, neither does the cause of the widow come to them.

Therefore, says the Lord, the Lord of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel: Ah, I will ease Me of My adversaries, and avenge Me of My enemies; and I will turn My hand upon you, and purge away your dross as with lye, and will take away all your allow; and I will restore your judges as at the first, and your counsellors as at the beginning; afterward you [Jerusalem] shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city. Zion shall be redeemed with justice, and they who return of her with righteousness.

But the destruction of the transgressors and the sinners shall be together, and they who forsake the Lord shall be consumed. For they shall be ashamed of the terebinths which you have desired, and you shall be confounded for the garden that you have chosen. For you shall be as a terebinth whose leaf fades, and as a garden that has no water. And the strong shall be as tow, and his work as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them".

[Yeshayahu/Isaiah 1:21-31]

YERUSHALIYIM, Israelite Tribal Territories of Judah and Benjamin, Kingdom of David and Solomon, United Israelite Kingdom of Judah and Joseph, Yom Revi'i, Day 12, Seventh Month ("Tishrei"), 5767 (Wednesday, October 4, 2006), Root & Branch Information Services [] []:


There are good assassination conspiracies where the murderers never get caught. The conspiracy to murder Yitzhak Rabin was not one of them. It was a sloppy conspiracy and the murderers may eventually pay for the deed. They left too many indisputable clues to escape justice...if indeed, the Israeli political establishment is really interested in justice. For a variety of reasons, it may not be.

Yitzhak Rabin was a prime target for assassination. As prime minister, a peace process with the P.L.O. and Syria was forced upon him from abroad and he became a far too willing advocate of a diplomacy which was leading to Israel's sure demise. He faced mortal danger from two opposing camps; the minions of Israelis who fought the so-called peace process and the foreign and Israeli power brokers who devised and supported it. The former were blamed for the murder while the latter were responsible for it.

However, be forewarned; this book does not delve into Rabin's murky diplomatic ties nor does it name who gave the order for the assassination. The reason is simple enough; the author doesn't know who was at the top of the conspiracy. Nonetheless, readers of this book will discover who had to have been in the operational level. The purpose of this book, then, is to prove that Rabin could not possibly have been killed by his accused murderer, Yigal Amir. The author completely succeeds at that task.

To keep the peace process on track, it was vital that all opponents to it be de-legitimized. Opposition came from all quarters in Israel, even from within Rabin's Labour Party which saw a faction break off and eventually join the later Likud-led government. But the most vocal opponents were religious, right wing and often, Sephardi.

The alleged murderer of Rabin, Yigal Amir was all three. He was the most politically useful patsy that could be devised. Yigal Amir was an activist of an intelligence front organization called Eyal. It was created by the General Security Services (Shabak) and the man in charge was Avishai Raviv, a Shabak agent since 1987. His assignment was to attract anti-peace process radicals to Eyal and set them up for arrest. One of his duties was to provoke Yigal Amir into shooting Rabin and the author has gathered ample testimony from people who witnessed his [Raviv's] methods.

Many, if not most of the Shabak agents, and possibly several policeman on duty the night of the assassination were instructed to allow a sting operation to take place. Yigal Amir would be provided with a gun without real bullets in the clip. He would shoot a blank at Rabin and be caught red-handed. Rabin's government would then have the justification to order a nation-wide crackdown on opponents of the peace process.

And indeed, after Rabin was shot, Shabak agents yelled "They're blanks", "It was a toy gun", "It's an exercise", "They were caps", "It wasn't real", "Dummy bullets", and the like because they thought a sting had taken place.

But there was a double cross. Amir shot his blank bullet and Rabin, very much alive, was shoved into his limousine where the real assassin waited. The vehicle conveniently got lost and the one minute trip to the hospital took over eight minutes down the dark streets of Tel Aviv. During that time the murderer completed his job and left the car.

That is not speculation nor, in the author's opinion, even theory. That is what happened and the following book will prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The author has collected hundreds of pages of police reports, court protocols, public and personal testimony in a mostly successful attempt to solve this deadly mystery.

Just a few of the clues the conspirators left behind include:

The "amateur" film of the assassination showing Rabin's back car door being slammed shut before he enters the vehicle. Someone was waiting inside the car for Rabin.

The same film documenting that Rabin's bodyguards allowed Amir to take a clear shot at the prime minister and that he survived it.

Testimony from witnesses a few feet from Rabin, including his wife, who saw him continue walking briskly after being shot. Ten minutes after the "shooting", one witness, Miriam Oren, told a national television audience, "Rabin wasn't
hurt. I saw him walk into the car".

Testimony from numerous security and police officers who did not believe Rabin was shot because he didn't fall, cry out in pain, nor bleed.

Police laboratory tests concluding that Rabin was shot point blank, though the government's commission of inquiry concluded that Amir shot from a good half meter's distance.

The Police ballistics report stating that Amir's clip contained eight bullets, though he only loaded nine.

The unexplainable disappearance of the bullets for 22 hours after their supposed removal from Rabin's body.

The death certificate signed by Dr. Mordecai Gutman, one of the surgeons who operated on Rabin, stating that he was shot through the chest from the front and that his spine was shattered, claims backed the same evening by an operating room nurse, the Health Minister, the Director of Ichilov Hospital, a patient and even Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. The
official version of events has Amir shooting Rabin in the back with no spinal damage.

These are mere teasers. The conspiracy was so bad that besides abundant physical evidence left behind, the conspirators themselves didn't coordinate their testimony. So, one after another they contradicted each other.

The author personally believes the assassination has America written all over it. Compare Amir with the patsy of the J.F.K. drama, Lee Harvey Oswald:

Lee Harvey Oswald left the marines and flew to the Soviet Union on an intelligence assignment which saw him stationed in Minsk.

Yigal Amir finished his army service in a combat unit and was sent to the Soviet Union by an intelligence branch of the Prime Minister's Office which saw him assigned to Riga.

Oswald returned to America and became an activist for a C.I.A. front called The Fair Play For Cuba Committee.

Amir returned to Israel and became an activist for a Shabak front called Eyal.

Oswald was inexplicably befriended by a C.I.A. operative, Guy Banister.

Amir made a new friend, the Shabak operative, Avishai Raviv.

Oswald made certain he appeared on television in a street debate over Cuba.

Amir made certain he appeared on television being taken away from an anti-peace process rally kicking and shouting.

It would have been so simple if an aggrieved radical had actually assassinated Rabin. No one would have suspected a thing. But Amir had deep ties to the very people who were charged with protecting the prime minister. They arranged a fake assassination by the fall guy and let the professional hit man do the real work of murder.

Amir and Rabin were not the only victims of the assassination branch of the Shabak. There were many others, both Jew and Arab. We can only hope that this book will help see that they were the last.

Shabbat Shalom, Shana Tova and Chag Sameach from Modi'in,

Mr. Barry Chamish


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