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Kadima to death: Party of criminals

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Put Shimon Peres & criminal company away!

Israel Insider

Rabin assassination
Documentary stuns: evidence a THIRD bullet hit Rabin from the FRONT

Something the Israeli government denied until this last year. Barry Chamish was nine years ahead of them. Now they just need to come clean with the rest of the story and put Shimon Peres and his criminal company in prison where they (at least) belong.

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Shimon Peres takes care of all the players

Shimon Peres takes care of all the players

Shimon Peres

There may be a dozen people in Israel with the power and influence to have organized the Yitzhak Rabin assassination. Of these, only Shimon Peres has direct ties to the main actors of the murder. Consider the most likely of the plotters:

Carmi Gillon - Head of the Shabak (Security Services) at the time of the assassination. Despite being forced out of office for incompetence by the Shamgar Commission Of Inquiry, Shimon Peres appointed him chairman of his peace center.

Yoram Rubin - Triggerman of the murder. Despite being head of Yitzhak Rabin's personal bodyguards, those which failed to protect him, on the very night of Yitzhak Rabin's murder Shimon Peres appointed him to be head of his bodyguard unit.

Menachem Damti- Yitzhak Rabin's last chauffeur, whose trip to Ichilov Hospital took twenty times longer than it should have. In fact, Yitzhak Rabin cancelled his regular driver Yeheskiel Sharabi 90 minutes before the fatal rally and he was replaced by Damti, who was the regular driver of Shimon Peres.

Jean Frydman - Shimon Peres's French financier, who funneled millions of dollars into the Ifshar Fund to promote the Oslo process. His partner in Ifshar was Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat, strangely, a Likud Party member.

In my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin. I examined the roles of Carmi Gillon, Rubin, Damti and Shimon Peres in close detail. I only touched on Jean Frydman when I quoted his bizarre statement; "I have such guilt feelings, I can't sleep." After acquiring a copy of an interview with and article by Jean Frydman from the Paris Match (16/11/95), we can all understand why.
I will quote from Jean Frydman's own words and comment after:
"I am a member of the real peace camp. I have been so for the past four years at the urging of my good friend Shimon Peres, a man I like very much. We agreed that Israel's military occupation was negating Jewish values and demoralizing our youth. Shimon Peres, a peace now man, was with me on the joyous day in Tel Aviv that the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Jorgen Holst, revealed the protocols of the agreement signed with Arafat. Shimon Peres didn't believe the agreement would hold and felt it could be derailed. I remember him telling me, "It's now up to Israeli public opinion. We need to quickly form an organization that will sway the Israeli people." I replied, " It's all yours."
The Norwegian Foreign Minister Jorgen Holst was the first murder suspect of the Oslo Accords. In excellent physical shape, he died at 53 of an unexpected heart attack. A widespread rumor said he died of knowing too much. Jean Frydman, a media tycoon, out of the goodness of his heart, gives Shimon Peres a carte blanche for his plan to brainwash the Israeli people, in the summer of 1993. "Shimon Peres immediately flew to California to convince Secretary of State Warren Christopher of the reality of the Oslo Accord. Both he and Clinton were skeptical of the agreement reached behind their backs. Once they realized Shimon Peres wasn't bluffing, Clinton said," Now your problem is Israeli public opinion."

For some reason Shimon Peres had to fly to California to get Christopher and Clinton's permission to mount his and Jean Frydman's propaganda campaign. In short, he told the two Council On Foreign Relations reps, "The French have agreed to fund the campaign. We need your approval and mass marketing experts." The rest of the paragraph is nonsense. I interviewed one of the Oslo negotiators, Ron Pundak, and he told me he phoned Christopher from the very first evening of the talks in January 1993. The State Department guided the negotiations from their inception.
"After the Taba Accord, I realized that Israeli public opinion was in the hands of the far Right. Then at a rally of the right wing Likud, someone displayed a photomontage with Yitzhak Rabin in an SS uniform. Others shouted, "Death to the traitor Yitzhak Rabin." When told of the incidents, Yitzhak Rabin was furious. He was well past fear but felt an injustice had been done to him. On Saturday, October 6, I was at Shimon Peres's home. I told him,'We cannot leave the streets in the hands of the Likud and far Right. We have to put up a fight.'" Since the Taba Accord, which gave Egypt a hundred extra yards of sand in the Sinai, became law, it is hard to see how public opinion was in the hands of the far Right. After that, the lies come thick and heavy. The photomontage and death threats came from Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv and the minions of his straw group, Eyal. Yitzhak Rabin knew this and was not furious at the far Right but at Carmi Gillon for his illegal use of Raviv. According to research by Israeli journalist Adir Zik, Yitzhak Rabin ordered Carmi Gillon to his office and let loose a barrage of invective against Carmi Gillon, to which Carmi Gillon assured him that Raviv and Eyal were under tight control and were his responsibility. So Jean Frydman's account of Yitzhak Rabin's reaction is a flagrant falsehood. Because the State Prosecutor has mounted a coverup of Eyal's crimes, we cannot be absolutely certain that Shimon Peres was apprised of them. However, it's a pretty safe bet that Shimon Peres knew everything Yitzhak Rabin did plus much more about the Shabak's covert war on the settlers. After all, he and Jean Frydman were organizing the public relations side of things. So, in all likelihood, every word of Jean Frydman's is a conscious lie.
"On Monday, Shimon Peres and I were in Yitzhak Rabin's office. He asked me one question:"Will you take responsibility for this great event?" I told him, "Yes, on condition that I do it the way you want." Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres gave me the green light. "Let's go," they said. With Lahat, we organized a dozen generals for our Israeli Woodstock, our war for peace.

I suggested to Yitzhak Rabin November 4th as the date of the event, but he hesitated. He had an official dinner. Finally, he reorganized his agenda and accepted. I wish I had not arranged things for the day of his death." If Yitzhak Rabin already had a commitment, who was Jean Frydman to insist he change his schedule? Jean Frydman does not explain why he was so insistent.
"We distributed posters reading, Say Yes To Peace, Say No To Violence, Kings Of Israel Square, Tel Aviv. We constructed a large stage, and a grand podium. Shimon Peres and I worked with the security personnel assigning 750 police officers, 250 border guards, sixty elite sharpshooters and three helicopters to patrol the skies. This was in addition to the Shabak forces who permanently protected Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. We placed special detection equipment at each entrance of the perimeter." Jean Frydman and Shimon Peres organized the security of the rally. If there were 750 police officers, all but a few were directed away from the sterile area where Yitzhak Rabin was shot. If there were metal detectors at the entrances, they were not placed backstage. If the crowd was well lit, some people arranged for the sterile area to be bathed in darkness. Jean Frydman confesses that he was one of those people. And why not? He paid for the rally. Shimon Peres's close ties to the murder now extend past the head of the Shabak, the driver, and Yitzhak Rabin's bodyguard right to the very person who organized the security for the assassination rally. And from there, to France.

Intelligence Briefs:
During the course of my work, I am privileged to receive insider information from people who request anonymity. The following briefs came from highly reliable sources. - The Dakar mystery is solved. The submarine sunk because its electronics were faulty. Before the submarine was launched, Moshe Stern, an engineer for Israel Aircraft Industries which built the craft, warned his superiors that the ship's balancing mechanism was defective. He predicted the ship would overturn in deep water and suggested a working apparatus that he had designed. He was turned down and when the sub disappeared, his life was threatened. If he testified to what he knew, numerous officers and staff would be charged with manslaughter. He died at age 53. His family related the story.

- Another family member reports that Eyal member Moshe Ehrenfeld was abducted by two Shabak agents, taken to an isolated spot and was given dire threats to his well-being if he testified at the trial of Avishai Raviv.

- A legalist explains that Shimon Peres's race to the President's House is based on the American experience. President Ford pardoned Nixon and thus covered up further Watergate revelations, while President Reagan pardoned Caspar Weinberger and others involved in Iran Contra. Shimon Peres will use the same tactic to pardon Carmi Gillon, Yoram Rubin, Dorit Beinish and others to stanch the Yitzhak Rabin murder truth.

David Rutstein responds to charges against him (somewhat)

JewishIndy charges:

Barry Chamish has been infiltrated and sabotaged by David Rutstein!

Posted by jewishindy on Wednesday, March 15 @ 13:03:20 EST
After years of hard work and much progress, Barry Chamish has been over-taken by a slimy ex-FBI agent named David Rutstein.

Every page on Barry's Website has Rutstein's 'additions' and Barry has not been able to prevent this or stop it.

Rutstein is also doing everything in his power to discredit the investigation into Shimon Peres murder of Yizhak Rabin. He is representing himself in court and apparently is working in cahoots with the judge in the case.

It is our opinion that David Rutstein was hired by Shimon Peres and that is why Peres has not formally objected to Rutstein's charges (of slander) and why Peres has 'permitted' the judge not to dismiss the case. Peres knows that the Rutstein case against him is trivial and a diversion which, in the end, will discredit Chamish's claim that Peres had Rabin murdered (which he did).

For this reason, JewishIndy has not and will not post anything having to do with David Rutstein and in the future will continue to make every effort to reveal the fact that he is a fraud, a con-man and a Peres croney.

Rutstein, like Shimon Peres, has not denied JewishIndy's accusation.

From: David Rutstein
To: davidbenariel
Sent: 3/15/06 5:27:29 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Barry Chamish has been infiltrated and sabotaged by David Rutstein!

excellent, I guess that when you get close to success.. some folks get a little bit nervous.. when Barry seemed to have no chance of success.. these people were supportive...
you have to know that the reason that Peres was able to get away with murder till now.. is that there is huge agreement among Jews not to let the dirty laundry out to the world.. Since I don't really consider Peres and his ilk as being favorable to the Jewish People ... I have no problem seeing Peres in jail... and the state of Israel getting hugely embarassed for covering up for Peres...
Let's not forget that the state of Israel has been on a 10 year campaign to slander the religous Jewish community based on Yigal Amir killing Rabin....

No gunpowder on Yigal Amir's hands!


Yigal Amir DID NOT MURDER Yitzhak Rabin AND NOW IT'S A PROVEN FACT - Within this article are the conclusive proofs that Yigal Amir did not shoot real bullets at Yitzhak Rabin. As I've been saying for six years now, he shot blanks. For those who read Hebrew, please click here and see for yourselves, For those who don't, here's what it says:

National Police Headquarters - Investigations Division
Dept. of Criminal Identification - Ramle 13/11/95

Subject: Murder Of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

Background: On 4/11/95, around 21:45, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and one of his bodyguards were shot while about to enter their vehicle at the end of a rally in Kings Of Israel Square. A suspected shooter, Yigal Amir, was caught by police and transferred to the Yarkon Division police station. The prime minister died of his wounds at Ichilov Hospital. Test Results: On 4/11/95 I was part of a video crew led by Superintendant Shmuel Berger at a rally in the Kings Of Israel Square. At approximately 21:55 I was given a plastic bag with a pistol inside, suspected of being used in a shooting, by Deputy Superintendant Moti Naftali. The pistol was a model 84F Baretta, serial number D98231Y that utilized short 9 mm bullets, which included a clip with an undetermined number of bullets within. On the street and sidewalk, three 380 WIN Auto cartridges were found. At 22:15 approximately, I arrived at the office of the commander of the Yarkon Division police station. The suspect Yigal Amir was present. I took samples from his hands and hair.
I could find no significant results from the Feroprint examination that I undertook of the suspect's hands...
Detective Arieh Moshe 93614
Mobile Police Laboratory.

The Hebrew word for cap, as in cap gun, is "pica," the world chosen by Levine. But even if the one particle found in Yigal Amir's hair was from gunpowder and not a cap, the explanation is simple. A policeman touched his own pistol, then Yigal Amir's head and left a particle in the hair. But if Yigal Amir actually shot real bullets, there would have been gunshot particles on his hands. AND THERE WERE NOT! Neither gunpowder nor metal residues were found on Yigal Amir's hands in two separate tests, by two competent police technicians.

THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY IF Yigal Amir SHOT REAL BULLETS! Blank bullets are noisemakers which do not have enough explosive material to leave significant residues. Nor is the material of the same power to expel a bullet from a cartridge. Think of a little boy's cap gun, or those party poppers which make noise when a strip of paper is pulled. That is what Yigal Amir shot and that is why the police technicians could not find gunpowder traces or metal residues on his hands: because Yigal Amir shot blanks! It's over, people. The coverup of Yitzhak Rabin's murder is finished. We have all the proof we need that Yigal Amir did not murder Yitzhak Rabin. Send the attached documents to the world and force the Israeli government to tell the truth.


Does David Rutstein help or hurt the cause?

Do these cartoons help or hurt the cause of exposing Shimon Peres' role in the Rabin assassination?

1st flash clip: Shimon Peres chasing after Yitzhak Rabin (music: Eye of the Tiger)

2nd flash clip: Shimon Peres having a drink with Ariel Sharon(before the stroke) with Omri Sharon (Ariel's son) as a guest star (music: Godfather theme)

3rd flash clip: Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon and son Omri enjoying a day out at the golf course (music: a very popular movie theme)

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Shimon Peres political cartoons by David Rutstein

David Rutstein has created these funny political cartoons/flash clips that have a dead serious message: Shimon Peres has gotten away with Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.

Justice for Rabin demands Israel reopen the Rabin file. Let us hope and pray these political cartoons/flash clips will have shed more light on what has been kept in the dark: the Rabin assassination cover-up by a guilty Israeli government of lying thieves, murderers and traitors.

1st flash clip: Shimon Peres chasing after Yitzhak Rabin (music: Eye of the Tiger)

2nd flash clip: Shimon Peres having a drink with Ariel Sharon(before the stroke) with Omri Sharon (Ariel's son) as a guest star(music: Godfather theme)

3rd flash clip: Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon and son Omri enjoying a day out at the golf course (music: a very popular movie theme)

Pictures that accompany these very high quality flash clips are available at

In a ironic twist the producer of these flash clips is actually sueing Shimon Peres for slander!

Click here for an article about the slander suit from last week at
Israel National News is one of Israel's top 3 news sources in the English language.

Media Interviews, Speaking engagements, etc. are available by contacting David Rutstein at 052-669-4999 or outside Israel at 011-972-52-669-4999, email:

If anyone is wondering why Shimon Peres is not counter-sueing David Rutstein for slander or why David Rutstein is not being charged for any type of criminal incitement, please direct those inquiries to acting Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Ehud Olmert placed Shimon Peres as #2 on his Kadima party list in the upcoming Knesset elections.
Ehud Olmerts contact information:
Telephone: 6753286
Telephone 2: 6753740

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Olmert & criminal company forge Kadima


copyright (c) 2006, by Mr. Barry Chamish

LIBERATED MODI'IN, Liberated Israelite Tribal Territory of Yehudah, Kingdom of David and Shlomo, United Israelite Kingdom of Yehudah and Yosef, Yom Chamishi, 9 Adar, 5766, Root & Branch Information Services [] []:

Three weeks ago tomorrow I suffered a stroke. I actually returned home from the hospital, wrote a finale text, which required hours for me to write four sentences, gathered my belongings in a bag and returned to Asaf HaRofeh hospital (many thanks to the warm hearted doctors and nurses who took terrific care of me). There I dealt with life's newest twists.

Three weeks ago I smoked two packs a day. Today, nothing. Alcohol? Now three OUNCES a week. Finally I can move my right hand enough to compose this short essay. Responses to questions and comments from my readers will be even shorter.

In a typical pre-stroke day I read and replied to about 150 email messages. I was able to do this by reading the messages and answering each in as few as two or three sentences. Even that is too much for now. Please be prepared for VERY concise responses from me for another week or two.

So let's get to the point: There is nothing to write about anyway. Elections are taking place in ISRAEL and no one could give a damn. Ariel Sharon was murdered and the murderers will take over the country. On December 18, 2005, Sharon shared a drink with Shimon Peres in the Knesset. Half an hour later Sharon was wheeled into Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital by the his bodyguard Yoram Rubin, who also happens to be the murderer of Yitzhak Rabin.

There Sharon was poisoned. Though he suffered from C.A.A., or weak brain blood vessels, he was diagnosed with a mild stroke and sent to his Negev home with blood thinners. On January 3, 2006, Ehud Olmert was the last person to see Sharon alive. Sharon granted Olmert three hours the next morning to be prime minister and then Olmert applied the poison.

So that's the situation. Olmert, who was never even Likud member Number #40, is now Number One in Kadima and Peres is Number Two. They have plastered together a party of political criminals, all of whom will join together to destroy JUDEA and SAMARIA when the new Kadima "government" begins to function.

I put out a new product this week beginning with an ad in B'Sheva, the new Hebrew newspaper of the Jewish Pioneering community published by IsraelNational News (Arutz Sheva). My new product is a two hour tape I recorded during February in KIRYAT ARBA. I spell out the elections, how Olmert and Peres took control of a phoney party, and how they will force the country to accept the pullout from JUDEA and SAMARIA after they take power.

A few days later I realized my mistake: No one in JUDEA and SAMARIA is going to defend their homes by actually fighting for them. Why do I think there is any point to this work?

Here is the real point of it all. Look at the following play that opened this week this BALTIMORE:

An Israeli Nut wrote a play about the murder of Rabin based on not one real fact. And BALTIMORE Jews think they are getting history in their theatres.

If you would like to try motivating Israelis with real facts, you may purchase my new Hebrew D.V.D. or video, "The Dirty War against Judea and Samaria", for NIS 50.

Finally, the somewhat problematic D.V.D., "Zion First: The Vatican's New Crusade for Jerusalem", is now a problem-less CD-ROM. I will offer it for $18 this week.

Guess what? Write me at my old address for now: Nahal Zohar 40/2, MODI'IN 71700, ISRAEL. The post office where I have my P.O. box, is on strike, and I have not received any mail there in ten days.

If anyone REALLY cares, Ya'acov Schlosser is running for the Knesset and has actually promised to get to the bottom of the Rabin murder if elected. If you are crazy enough to vote in the election, then at least try and elect someone honest. Please call Ya'acov at 050-594-0965.

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach from Liberated MODI'IN,

Mr. Barry Chamish

If you would like to know more about the crimes against GUSH KATIF and atrocities committed by the current Israeli "government", please purchase my new book "Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust" in English or Hebrew, or my two set D.V.D., "The Deadly War against the Settlers". Hundreds of GUSH KATIF deportees have already done so.

My other English books are also on sale:

"Israel Betrayed"
"The Last Days of Israel"
"Save Israel!"
"Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin"

Please order from me at: []

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Slander Suit Against Peres Proceeds!

Judge Rules to Proceed with Slander Suit Against Peres
20:04 Mar 07, '06 / 7 Adar 5766
By IsraelNationalNews Staff

Tel Aviv Magistrates Court Judge Dalia Mark decided to reject a request from Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres to throw out a slander suit against him. [More power to her! May all of Israel's judges be so brave.]

The suit was filed by David Rutstein [pictured above] who claims that Peres labeled him insane and called for his incarceration in a psychiatric hospital in the wake of Rutstein's efforts to win a reexamination of the circumstances of the murder of Yitzchak Rabin. Rutstein was interviewed on Israel National Radio's Weekend Edition with Tamar Yonah and Malka Fleisher. [click here to listen]

David Rutstein has been at the helm of several websites publicizing documents and videos supporting theories that Yigal Amir did not act alone and that those responsible for Rabin’s murder have never been brought to justice. Rabin murder conspiracy theories have grown in popularity recently, and a noted shift in Israeli public opinion is increasing pressure to question the accuracy of the official account of events surrounding Rabin’s murder. A Dahaf Institute poll commissioned by Israel's largest circulation paper, Yediot Acharonot, last November revealed that no less than 25% of Israelis believe there was a conspiracy to murder Prime Minister Rabin.

David Rutstein campaign to reinvestigate Rabin assassination

Rutstein believes that the parties truly responsible for the murder and the subsequent cover up had to have been very high up in the ranks of Israeli power. He goes so far as to claim that Shimon Peres is responsible for the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. In a Labor Party publication, Peres' office labeled the operators of the website "psychos that should be institutionalized," calling for Rutstein to be "silenced and locked away in an asylum." Peres spokesman, Yoram Drori added, “a warrant for the arrest and incarceration in a psychiatric hospital should be issued to those behind the web site."

David Rutstein filed a 250,000 shekel ($50,000) lawsuit against Shimon Peres for slander, saying he was "insulted by this statement," and declaring, “such methods were used by the Bolsheviks to silence their enemies.” Peres demanded, prior to the first hearing on March 3rd, 2006, that Judge Dalia Mark throw Rutstein’s slander case out of court.

At the opening of proceedings Judge Dalia Mark requested that Shimon Peres' attorney withdraw his petition to reject the lawsuit.

Judge Mark told Peres' attorney "This is a very simple slander lawsuit. Whatever the plaintiff (Rutstein) has done after the initial slander is not relevant to this lawsuit. Victims of slander act in different manners, and the plaintiff's reactions do not interest me." Peres' attorneys stated that they planed to appeal Judge Mark’s decision.

Rutstein claims that Peres' response to the slander suit is in line with his behavior of the past ten years. "It is no surprise that Shimon Peres wants to have Judge Dalia Mark dismiss a very simple slander lawsuit. The man who masterminded the cover up of those behind Rabin assassination is relying on another Israeli Judge to let him off the hook," said Rutstein.

"The killers of Yitzhak Rabin are walking around free, that is the fact which a reasonable, normal person concludes when he or she is knowledgeable of the facts surrounding the death of Yitzhak Rabin z"l," Rutstein stated, adding, "I could not sleep for a week when I first saw the evidence in the Yitzhak Rabin murder case. Afterwards, I spoke with numerous politicians and media personal who have said that they know that the true killers of Yitzhak Rabin are free but really don't care. That really bothered me."

"Something like the Rabin murder fraud could not continue in the United States for over 10 years or even 6 months. Because of the new technologies and freedoms that are blossoming around the world, the world is becoming more like the United States. Being knowledgeable of media and history, I am informing you that the Rabin murder fraud physically cannot last much longer in Israel," Rutstein stated.

May Shimon Peres be indicted and institutionalized for his part in the assasination of Yitzhak Rabin: SHIMON PERES TO PRISON!

Let justice be served, for "Zion shall be redeemed with justice" (Isaiah).

Kadima train to Auschwitz borders

Ehud Olmert, acting prime minister of Israel (whom I met briefly in 1995 at the grand opening of the Eucalyptus Restaurant in Jerusalem when he was mayor), is running in the Israeli elections of the treacherous platform to Auschwitz borders: the corrupt Kadima party, rotten to the core. Will the Kadima train to Auschwitz borders of self-destruction and death be stopped? Don't get on the Kadima train because there's no turning back!

Ehud Olmert was out for Jewish blood in Amona to perversely raise his election standing among the secular swine (the worst of the secular who love to hate the Jews of faith). Ehud Olmert is out for Jewish blood and Aushwitz borders! May Israel throw him out of political office and into prison for such a hateful and murderous campaign!

Aliza Karp shares how historically some have sought personal gain at Jewish expense, how massive amounts of Jewish blood paid the high price for such insatiable greed, and accurately applies the principle to what horrors we see unfolding in Israel today, whether the Judenrein policies enforced upon Gush Katif or the pogrom against Amona. Aliza Karp exposes how the leftist slogans have merely changed but the murderous hatred of the Left remains a clear and present danger.

May all beware and act accordingly, and return to God Most High to avenge such blood and save the nation from such traitors or Jerusalem will soon suffer under a German-Jesuit occupation that will show no mercy to either the religious or the secular, men or women, child or babe, ugly or beautiful, Arab or Jew (Daniel 9:11, 2 Chronicles 7:14).

David Ben-Ariel

By Aliza Karp

In his book Perfidy, while retelling the trial of Dr. Rudolf Kastner in 1955, Ben Hecht records the testimony of Joel Brand, who was given a strange and rare opportunity to save literally millions of Hungarian Jews from the ovens of the Holocaust. Amongst the tragedies that this testimony reveals, is the devastating effect that can result from the marginalization of upright individuals who do not submit to foul policies of a given establishment.

The calamity at Amona could only be carried out after the general public in Eretz Yisroel, and in America, have been convinced, to the point of being brainwashed, of the unlawfulness of the "extreme-right-fanatical-fringe-element" know as settlers.

In Perfidy, the establishment being discussed is the Jewish Agency of that time. Hecht explains that the British government founded the Jewish Agency and he refers to them as "A Jewish front for British policy in Palestine." [1]

Brand's story takes place in 1944. He has been given a proposal to save millions of Jews and must garner international support. Brand turns to the Jewish Agency. The Jewish Agency insists he travel to Aleppo, but Brand knows this is British soil and he risks arrest.

A Jewish Agency representative, Ehud Avriel, is assigned to Brand, to convince him that everything has been arranged for his safety in Aleppo, where in fact everything was arranged … for his arrest and detention by the British.

This tragic story holds a timely lesson.

I quote from Perfidy, "Aleppo-bound Joel Brand sits in his compartment with his friend Avriel, who smiles and chats like a parent calming a troubled child.

"The train stops in Ankara and fate comes aboard. A young Jabotinsky disciple from Palestine, Joseph Klarman, finds Brand in his compartment and speaks to him. He warns Brand. The British are waiting to arrest him in Aleppo. He begs Brand not to go on.

"Jewish Leader Avriel sneers upon hearing of the intruder. He knows him – one of the toughs from Tel Aviv, a Jabotinsky hothead.

"Unknowing, the million Hungarian Jews, still alive, wait for the outcome of this talk on the train at Ankara. If Joel Brand will believe what this "troublemaker" from Palestine tells him, the million may escape the German ash barrels. What a moment this is, a moment that could change history.

"But it changes nothing. Joel Brand does not believe the "troublemaker." Brand is as Jew trained to believe only in respectability …" [2]

Those whom Hecht refers to as "troublemakers," have now evolved into the "right-wing-extreme-fanatical-fringe-element."

The marginalization and demonization of Jews who defend their right to live in Eretz Yisroel has tremendous power. It is what allowed the brutality at Amona to happen. In fact, it sparked the violence.

The misguided hatred for the right is so deep-rooted that many have said that PM Olmert's orders for Amona stemmed from his desire to gain popularity by proving he is unyielding towards the "right-wing-extreme-fanatical-fringe-element." Sadly enough, his followers derive satisfaction from the sight of Jewish blood.

Speaking on Purim of 5747 – 1987 the Lubavitcher Rebbe said, "G-d does everything for the good; what could be positive in this development of extremes, when there are also extremely negative results? The reason is that when evil remains concealed, it cannot be repaired. In fact, the person might even be unaware of its existence. Once this evil is revealed, however, it becomes possible to improve and elevate it." [3]

Joel Brand was facing an evil that was concealed. When Brand tried to tell his story, his listeners "sighed, and turned away. There were too many Jews in Palestine babbling a little madly about what happened in Europe. About Germans... The incinerator smoke that hung in the sky all day and all night. Better to forget those things. Better, also, not to think wrong things about Palestine's great Jews. What other Jews were there for the world to admire?" [4]

In contrast to Brand's frustration to convey his experience, the attack on Amona has been widely publicized through pictures and videos. Breaking through the layers of conditioning that the unprotected settlers deserved to be beaten will not be easy, but an effort has to be made to convince people that what happened at Amona is in fact evil.

In order to do this the right wing camp has to be careful not to reinforce the stigma placed upon it by submitting to it. Right wingers are afraid to be labeled extremists. Self-incrimination by the right led to many reports marginalizing the rock throwing by protesters at Amona. The right should not be on defensive. They are the victims, not the aggressors! Even when rocks are being thrown… and let us not judge the rock throwers until we know the facts. If boys were throwing rocks on police who were abusing the girls, morality rests on the side of the defenders.

Either way, a few rocks do not justify trampling and savagely beating hundreds of unprotected, unarmed protestors. It justifies arresting the perpetrators, that's it! But very few arrests were made, and very few vehicles were on location to take away arrestees. Clearly the intent of the police campaign was not to enforce the law requiring building permits. To find the intent, we can look at the outcome. Immediately following the Amona invasion, PM Olmert made a statement about the violent settlers. He staged the event, including the flow of blood, in order to make that statement. To once again besmirch the settlers and thereby control the blindfolded public.

To disassociate with "right-wing-extreme-fanatical-fringe-element" reinforces the deadly tactic that has been in place since 1944. Fearing the title strengthens the enemy. Denying its power strengthens the righteous.

This is clear from Jewish history. The right wing in Eretz Yisroel is in the position of being the Jew of the Jews (meaning the Jew of the Israelis). When Jews attempt to deny their true identity and present themselves as cosmopolitan, moderate, even handed, and open-minded, they are eventually mistreated.

When a Jew stands proud, he is respected. Mordechai HaTzadik – the "right-wing-extreme-fanatical-fringe-element" of his time – would not bow down. When Mordechai is first introduced in the story of Purim he is referred to as 'Eish Yemini.' Although this is generally translated as a man from the tribe of Benjamin, the literal meaning is man of the right. The commentary Tiferes Shlomo explains that to mean that Mordechai never swerved to the left. [5]

The process of unraveling the demonization of settlers and their supporters is slow. But it should be pursued. Silence is a stamp of approval. I will turn to Perfidy again for a suitable quote to make my point, "It is always a losing battle, this trying to out-shout the authority. Those who have been in one are left with the conviction that it is easier to waken the dead than the living. But what a hopeless world it would be without this record of lost battles." [6] Letters to media and faxes to authorities, rallies and meetings may not change anything over night, but they can erase the stamp of approval of silence. When Jewish blood becomes cheap, silence is not an option.

[1] Perfidy by Ben Hecht, Gefen Publishing House, 1999, page 234
[2] Ibid, page 239-240
[3] Sichos in English, Volume 35, page 8
[4] Perfidy, page 226
[5] The Megillah, Published by Mesorah Publications, page 55
[6] Perfidy, page 190

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Iran Daily, Shimon Peres, and Yitzhak Rabin

Iran Daily - National - 01/24/06

Subject: Will Yitzhak Rabin’s “Bloody Shirt“ Defeat Shimon Peres...... involvement in the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the subsequent government...... bloody shirt of former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated in 1995.......

And Justice For All...

WIth the elections heating up in Israel, more evidence will undoubtedly come out against Shimon Peres and his criminal accomplices to Yitzhak Rabin's murder, as charged by Barry Chamish and David Rutstein. Shimon Peres is now being sued in a Tel Aviv court for slandering David Rutstein for his legitimate beliefs about Shimon Peres' part in Yitzhak Rabin's assassination: Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body.

The Israeli political party mentioned below, "Justice for All," will help shed futher light on the national scandal. They say politicians don't see the light until they feel the heat. May Shimon Peres feel the heat! And may everybody watch the Kempler video and comment on it.

And justice for all: Israeli Political Party demands Yitzhak Rabin's killers be brought to Justice -

And justice for all: Israeli Political Party demands Yitzhak Rabin's killers be brought to Justice
By BRIANNA AMES Jerusalem Post

As part of its ongoing coverage of the smaller parties running in the upcoming national election, The Jerusalem Post spoke with Tzedek Lakol-Raash head Ya'acov Schlosser to find out more about the party's history and platform.

Schlosser said the Raash Party was founded approximately 10 years ago. After joining with like-minded organizations in preparation for the March 28 election, Tzedek Lakol (Justice for All) emerged as Israel's newest "social party with right-wing opinions," he said.

While Raash never won any Knesset seats in the past, Schlosser said he expected the party's 14 candidates to receive public support.

He said Tzedek Lakol's platform was premised on five main issues:

Uncovering a left-wing conspiracy to hide the identity of who really murdered prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.

"Half of the Israeli population thinks it was the left side of the political map that killed Rabin, not the right side, not Yigal Amir," Schlosser said. "When we find the real murderer, we will throw the left side off the [political] map for 100 years."

• Resolving a major issue pertaining to the Social Affairs Ministry and the courts.

"They are too quick to take little kids from poor families and to give them to rich families," Schlosser said. "The government should help with money, with support. It's easy to take kids, but they should use the money instead to help these families."

• Reducing the damage Israel's lengthy divorce process has on children.

Tzedek Lakol aimed to create a special institute, outside the existing court system, he said, adding: "The religious and the civil courts fight [each other], and the kids suffer."

• Reforming the banking system.

Schlosser said the Israeli economy was broke. "All the business is down, only the banks earn millions of dollars every year," he said.

• Fighting poverty.

"We are against the situation of the poor in Israel," Schlosser said.

This article is part of a series on new parties running in the March 28 election.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shimon Peres' slander trial gets underway

From: Ehud Olmert
Sent: 3/1/06 11:50:04 AM
Subject: Shimon Peres slander trial, first day in court, unbelievable

Shimon Peres slander trial, first day in court, unbelievable

These are the translated reports from the first court hearing dealing with
Shimon Peres' request to dismiss the 250,000 sheckel from the court.

Judge Dalia Mark declared strongly that she is going by the law.

Shimon Peres and his lawyer are in big trouble.

Judge Dalia Mark is quoted as telling Shimon Peres' lawyer in a clear voice:

"I am requesting you to dismiss your motion to dismiss the lawsuit,"

"This court case will only deal with the original slander... You (Shimon Peres' lawyer) are trying to cause the slander trial to concentrate on irrelevant matters, and I do not agree with what you are doing..." and most importantly, "whatever the Plaintiff, David Rutstein, has done as a reaction to the original slander(in which Peres called Rutstein a "Psycho that should be institutionalized") is not an issue at all.