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Shimon Peres: Put that jail bird in a cage!

Peres Expected to Join Sharon´s Party
15:01 Nov 30, '05 / 28 Cheshvan 5766
By Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

Veteran Knesset Member Shimon Peres is expected to announce his departure from the Labor party on Wednesday, ending a 46-year affiliation./

Name: David Ben-Ariel
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio, USA/Menashe
Title: Put that jail bird in a cage!

The bloody vulture Shimon Peres, who came to power over Rabin's dead body, belongs in prison. Let him play dirty politics on his cell block.


by Barry Chamish

Despite government insistence that no such photographs exist, some three years ago, I received a dozen photos of the backstage "sterile area" two minutes before and immediately after Yigal Amir shot his blanks at Yitzhak Rabin. The photos were acquired partly by chicanery, which some day I'll explain, and partly through a reliable source. One series of photos shows Shimon Peres conducting his nefarious murder plot stage by stage. Not one magazine or major internet site has ever published these shots and I can only guess why.

Another photo shows the moment Yigal Amir was arrested. The arresting officer's watch captures the exact time of the arrest; 9:31. The watch was blown up and highlighted before I released it and it was reprinted in dozens of Israeli magazines and websites alongside the conclusion of the Shamgar Commission that Rabin was shot at 9:50. The implication was clear to everyone; If Shamgar was telling the truth, which he wasn't, Amir was under arrest 19 minutes before Rabin was shot. Some alibi! In fact, Shamgar deliberately falsified the time of the shooting to protect Rabin's driver, who, otherwise, would have been driving for 22 minutes to complete the 2 minute hop to Ichilov Hospital. Previously, this photo had already been published in Yediot Achronot, the country's most popular newspaper, without anyone understanding the implications.

On November 3, '05, Israel's second tv channel broadcast a breakthrough documentary proving Rabin was shot a third time from the front. This was my claim of eight years and it appeared to vindicate my work. But the film's director, Naftali Glicksberg, could not allow that to happen. During the roundtable discussion which followed the screening, he viciously attacked my integrity without naming me. The photo of the arrest was a complete fabrication, he said, and someone, which had to be me, changed the watch to read 9:31 when in fact, in the original shot, the watch read 9:53. Some claim since my source never fabricated evidence and I sure didn't.

And this lie began gaining currency. A few days later I met a youthful reporter from Makor Rishon who was covering the Rabin murder conspiracy and offered him the full set of pictures. Young Jimmy Olsen of Makor Rishon turned down the offer claiming I had no right to offer the photos for publication, like they were copyrighted by the Shabak, and anyway, I had fabricated the watch shot.

The next week I was interviewed at great length by a genuine reporter, Yonathan Gat, of Israel's People magazine, Anashim. This publication is popular among the nation's media crowd and yuppies and the result was highly professional. For one thing, the magazine became the first to publish two of the backstage shots.

During the course of the three day interview, I received a visit from two gentlemen, today respected physicians, who in their youth briefly dabbled with Avishai Raviv. Raviv, as we know, has disappeared from Israel and no one knows where to find him. Except they spotted him in Budapest, Hungary working as a senior citizens' helper. I gave Gat the scoop and his magazine turned to the Shabak and asked its spokesman if the information was accurate. The Shabak refused to respond.

Gat then turned to a sensitive issue. He played me the tape of Glicksburg calling the watch photo a fabrication and asked for my reaction. Since I didn't fabricate it, I suggested that he contact the photographer. That could be done by phoning the photo dept. of Yediot Achronot. He did so and was greeted with hostility. The man on the phone was sick of fielding inquiries about the photo from journalists. The photo, though, was no longer in the Yediot archives but when it was there, the watch read 9:50.

So Gat took the next obvious step; he asked for the photographer's name and phone number. The name was Pablo Bichman but no number existed because Bichman committed suicide a few years ago, about the time I first released his watch shot.

My, my. Another "suicide" around Rabin. He joins such august company as three of Rabin's bodyguards, the Bar Ilan student David Newman, who on the night of the murder sent an e-mail with his suspicions about Amir to newsgroups, and Avishai Raviv's Russian companion, one Ariel, who "jumped" to his death from a building in Dimona. One can only imagine what Pablo Bichman's lens captured that led to his early demise.

Gat quizzed Oren Agmon, head of Yediot's photo bureau and he told him, "The real picture shows the watch at 9:50. Pablo Bichman left the paper well before he killed himself. Any attempt to connect the photo with a conspiracy about his suicide is ridiculous."

The Anashim article is essential reading about the Rabin assassination and treats me more than fairly. It's on the kiosk and supermarket stands until Dec. 6. Israeli readers, if you can't find it, order by e-mail at anashim1 -at - or call 03 6275566.

Daniel Pipe's Luciferian way of thinking

Comment on article: Israel is Winning (Daniel's Pipe's article is several years old but just came to my attention and reflects a very wrong way of thinking).

Israel is not winning or they would not continue to have sworn enemies, murderers, in their midst. If Israel were winning they would expel hateful Nazi-Muslims from the Jewish homeland rather than reward terrorism. But then you're for an accursed "Palestinian" state and you're in denial refusing to believe (or publicly acknowledge) that Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body. Israel is not winning with such traitors in power and enemies at the gate, now Europe aids and abets their claims for Jerusalem. Soon Jerusalem will get stomped by the EU jackboot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

David Rutstein sues Shimon Peres

From: שמעון פרס
To: davidbenariel
Sent: 11/29/05 5:09:37 AM
Subject: Kempler video

Scoop.. Yigal Amir's lawyer in the attempt for a retrial is my lawyer in my lawsuit against Shimon Peres for slander. I am sueing Shimon for 250,000 sheckels... Amir now says he did not do it.. by his choice of lawyer.. I met Larisa with my lawyer Sat night....this thing is over.... David Rutstein
now we must take the focus on Shimon Peres....I am still waiting for the first article in the english press
so that it can be spread..... (Hebrew site)

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The Kempler video continues to reach a new audience

"The Kempler Video of Yitzhak Rabin's Assassination" - has been accepted and added to the directory:
The Kempler Video of Yitzhak Rabin's Assassination

Watch the Kempler video for yourself!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Will Matt Drudge inform the world about the Kempler video?

It's GREAT that a growing number of Israelis are watching and talking about the Kempler video, questioning the official government version that is now blown to bits as THE BIG LIE it definitely appears to be! Barry Chamish is no longer the lone voice in the wilderness, having led the way with his call to REOPEN THE RABIN CASE.

Now the Kempler video must be watched by foreigners. The heat is on. More people outside of Israel are becoming aware that the United States and Israeli officials have been covering up vital facts about the Rabin assassination. We just need somebody like Matt Drudge (or another if he drops the ball) to bring these disturbing ramifications to the general public.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

German-EU Jackboot to Stomp Jerusalem!

I don't hate the vulture Shimon Peres, I pity him for being such a useful idiot for the German-Jesuit EU fascists. He has prostituted himself and sold out Israel in the process and will get trampled into the Holy Land that he's despised and betrayed, serving as the breach that the EU "peacekeepers" will enter through and flood the area with greater destruction than any tsunami.

The Israeli Secret Police who interrogated me, who took a computer disc with Beyond Babylon on it for their investigation, said that Shimon Peres (then acting prime minister since Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body) would read it and so would many others. Such words were prophetic! It's great to know that the Israeli authorities have thereby been forewarned that THE GERMAN-EU JACKBOOT WILL STOMP JERUSALEM AND OCCUPY ISRAEL.

The reason for my unjust deportation was for highlighting the Nazi-Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount, the call for its restoration as the Temple Mount, and the warning that the German-led Europe would seize Jerusalem for the bloody Vatican, all announced within a full-page article - "Will Jerusalem Become an International City?" - that appeared in The Traveller published in Jerusalem and read throughout Israel! I've since changed its name and updated it as UN Resolution 181: Blueprint of the Beast? It makes mention of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall and the Israeli government overreacted, Shimon Peres and his evil ilk outraged that their plot was exposed and their cover blown!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Left refuses to address THE ISSUES circling Rabin's assassination

The Economics of Conspiracy Theories

UPI Senior Business Correspondent

SKOPJE, Macedonia, April 10 (UPI) -- Barry Chamish is convinced that Shimon Peres, Israel's wily old statesman, ordered the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin back in 1995 in collaboration with the French. He points to apparent tampering with evidence. The bloodstained song sheet in Mr. Rabin's pocket lost its bullet hole between the night of the murder and the present.

Rabin's bodyguards should have immediately recognized the murderer, Yigal Amir. He had publicly attacked his quarry before. Israel's fierce and fearsome internal security service, the Shabak, had moles and agents provocateur among the plotters. Chamish published a book about the affair. He travels and lectures widely, presumably for a fee.

Every writer deserves his pay, as I'm sure the writer of such a worthless article was paid. His shallow article was clearly a strawman that miserably FAILS TO ADDRESS ANY OF THE LEGITIMATE ISSUES Barry Chamish, the Prosecutor, a growing number of Israelis, other authors and writers, dare raise under the Leftist regime of General Sharon.

Every reader can prove right here, right now, that the Shabak (Israel's "Stasi"/Secret Police) did in FACT, have agent provocateurs, the most famous being AVISHAI RAVIV - code-named "Champagne." Barry Chamish and others did not make this up, it's a PROVEN FACT. Just google Avishai Raviv and see for yourself that to just dismiss such facts and assertions with ridicule, with diversionary tactics and strawmen, is simply dishonest and serves the murderous Left.

Thankfully, the Kempler video blog and other sources of information do DEAL WITH THE ISSUES THE LEFT FEARS TO FACE.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Rabin Conference challenged over official version

Attendees of Rabin Conference Will Be Met by Protestors
16:57 Nov 14, '05 / 12 Cheshvan 5766
By Baruch Gordon

The International Conference marking the 10th anniversary of Yitzchak Rabin's death convenes this week in Netanya. A protest against the official version of the assassination will also be held.

Dignitaries from around the world will attend the conference at the Netanya Academic College [pictured above]. They include James Wolfenson, Quartet Special Envoy for Disengagement and Former President of The World Bank; Javier Solana, Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union; Foreign Ministers from Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, and Sweden; and representatives from the United States, Great Britain, Jordan, India, Austria, Egypt, France, and Greece.

Conference organizer MK Gen. (res.) Danny Yatom invited Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen and PA Prime Minister Abu Ala to deliver speeches. Representing Abu Mazen will be the PLO's Saeb Erekat.

Conference participants will be met by protestors who challenge the official government version of the events surrounding the Rabin assassination. Former Supreme Court President Meir Shamgar, who led the investigative commission into the assassination, told Israel Radio Monday morning that his probe was "very encompassing and very thorough."

But the protest organizers feel otherwise. Led by Barry Chamish, who authored the book "Who Killed Yitzchak Rabin," they are demanding the the investigation into the assassination be re-opened.

Though once widely ridiculed for his theories regarding the Rabin murder, Chamish is no longer alone. A Dahaf Institute poll commissioned by Israel's largest circulation paper, Yediot Acharonot, earlier this month revealed that no less than 25% of Israelis believe there was a conspiracy to murder Prime Minister Rabin.

In an interview with IDF Radio on Sunday, Yitzchak Rabin's daughter, Dalia Rabin-Pilosoph, said that the Shamgar Commission left many questions unanswered and that she was not satisfied with its results.

She first voiced her doubts four years after the assassination, in November, 1999, in that month's edition of the Hebrew-language Woman's World (Olam Ha-Isha) magazine. In an interview with Sarit Yishai-Levi, Rabin-Pilosoph speaks about questions she raised in conversations with her mother, Leah Rabin, immediately after the assassination: "Who shouted, 'These are blanks!'? Why didn't the Shamgar Commission determine who shouted that the shots fired were blank cartridges?"

She questions why her mother was driven away in a different car when Yitzchak Rabin was driven to the hospital. "Why," Rabin-Pilosoph asks, "did they tell her that it was an exercise?... Why didn't they kill the assassin?"

Rabin-Pilosoph speaks of Channel Two investigative reporter Matti Cohen, who shared with her significant findings regarding the assassination but whose report was never allowed to be shown to the public.

In the 1999 interview, Rabin-Pilosoph said that security agents complained to her that they were forbidden to testify about various matters connected to the events during the assassination and immediately afterwards.

In an interview later that day on Israel Radio, Rabin's son, Yuval, demanded that a re-investigation into the murder be opened. "I also have the same questions," he said, "[and more]... I don't think that we can and should give answers to the questions. My role is to raise the questions and to bring them back to the public agenda, this is my job..."

The protestors who accuse the Israeli government of lying about the Rabin assassination will be distributing a list of their own findings and unanswered questions including the following:

* We charge former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Meir Shamgar with gross judicial misconduct for changing the time of Rabin's murder from 9:30 to 9:50pm.
* We charge Yoram Rubin with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission that Rabin was shot at 9:50. Yigal Amir was arrested at 9:30.
* We charge Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti, with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission and at Amir's trial that he drove to Ichilov Hospital in less than two minutes. The ride actually took 22 minutes.
* We charge Rubin, Damti and Shamgar with conspiracy to alter evidence, by coordinating a new, later time of murder.
* We charge Eitan Haber of evidence-destruction based on his own testimony to the Shamgar Commission that he absconded with Rabin's possessions at Ichilov Hospital, while later admitting to Jerusalem newspaper Kol Ha'ir that on the same night he cleaned out Rabin's filing cabinets at the Prime Minister's office.
* We charge Menachem Damti with perjury for testifying to the Shamgar Commission that he was opening the door for Leah Rabin when he heard the first shot, and that he reacted by immediately jumping into the driver's seat, as he was trained to do. Leah Rabin was standing on the steps nowhere near her husband when Amir shot the blanks and Damti stayed outside after the shot.
* We charge Shimon Peres with gross misconduct and dereliction of public service. As prime minister, Peres approved the Shamgar Commission's conclusions that Rabin was shot twice in the back.
* We charge the pathologist Dr. Yehuda Hiss with medical malpractice and evidence tampering. While all other doctors including Gutman, Sneh and Barabash reported that Rabin's spine was shattered, causing death, Hiss removed the wound from Rabin's autopsy.
* We charge Avishai Raviv with perjury at his recent trial. Raviv testified that Amir never informed him of his murderous intent.
* We charge the chief judge at Yigal Amir's trial, Edmund Levy, with gross judicial misconduct for dismissing the testimony of police forensics expert Inspector Baruch Gladstein, who proved scientifically that Rabin was shot at point blank range, about half a meter closer than Amir ever got to Rabin. We charge that Levy acted with full knowledge and intent in this dismissal of evidence. Within the defense summation of attorney Jonathan Goldberg, there is more than enough proof that Judge Levy deliberately ignored and dismissed relevant evidence throughout the trial.

Protestors will meet at 9 am at Merkaz David at the corner of Deganya and Klauzner Streets in Netanya on both days of the conference. The demonstration will be ongoing from 9am to 8pm in the vicinity of the Netanya Academic College.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial in Tel Aviv

by Barry Chamish

Saturday Evening, November 12, 2005, Tel Aviv -
100,000 gather at the annual Rabin official memorial ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin. Included were me and twelve of the bravest and best Jews Israel has to offer. Here's how we got there:
In late September, I vowed to gather people to come to the ceremony with signs demanding the Rabin truth. The call to gather was made more urgent by the promised appearance of the disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton. By mid-October the Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination was on board and two meetings were held to plan the rally. It was decided that preceding the rally, they would hold a press conference, with all members and me speaking for five minutes and then all taking questions.
I prepared myself for the fiasco.
As I expected, you couldn't get any of the speakers off the platform with a hook for forty minutes each. When my turn finally came, I announced the rally and got off the mike in five minutes. Then I got out of the place, or at least I planned to until who walked in but Yigal Amir's sister Hadas, phoney wife Larissa and their Shabak tagalong named Nachum.
So I spent a little time watching and talking to the official Amir gang. What was clear was they had no intention of ever freeing Yigal Amir. There was no family desperation to liberate an innocent brother or husband. So I told them off for their ingratitude and got out of the ugly atmosphere pronto.
Once I had left, the tagalong took the mike to explain what a dangerous Shabak agent I was. Then the "wife" announced that she would have nothing to do with anyone who considered Shimon Peres a suspect in the murder.
I was told that sealed their fate for almost everyone in the room. The Amir family is doing the Shabak's bidding. Like I didn't know that anyway.
This was a press conference with almost no press and it had nothing to do with organizing a presence at the memorial rally. And in fact, only one member of this committee even showed up at the rally and he left after half an hour, once the dirty work began. The real planning of the rally belonged to me and Tova Rubin. I wrote and she printed 6,000 flyers asking relevant questions about the murder in Hebrew and English. I brought a five foot long sign asking Who Really Murdered Yitzhak Rabin in both languages and wore my tee-shirt with the same message.
Now add the twelve best Jews in Israel and we really rocked the place.
Stage one - We handed out the flyers to the tens of thousands of rally goers coming at us up Ibn Gvirol Street. Most took mine and read them. Three threw them back in my face. And one called the police to stop us. Fortunately for us, Attorney Dov Eben-Or had arranged a city permit to be there and he was nearby to scare the cops away. We were free.
Stage two - When the traffic thinned out and the proceedings began we began parading. We proudly walked with my sign, two of the men brought their own signs and I was wearing my shirt. It was too crowded to get to the front of the gathering but we found our perfect spot, under the screen where the ceremony was being projected. Facing several thousand rally-goers we stood firm and proud.
Then Peres began his speech and I took out a horn to blast his words away. I was politely warned that this went too far and desisted. Another in our group but a hundred yards away, David Rutstein, apparently didn't take the warnings and was manhandled to the ground by the police and briefly arrested.
When the despicable Clinton began his speech, I booed long and loud. This led to a ruckus. We were surrounded by a pretty angry crowd and lots of cameras. The star of this moment was a tiny Haredi lady named Reena, who stood her ground like a tiger.
After that, we were followed by the cameras wherever we went. When the rally ended, we stood on the raised traffic island as the proudest group in Tel Aviv and let 50,000 passers-by see our message.
We brought the truth to the lion's den and the negative cost was low. Twice the sign was ripped from our hands, and twice we fought to get it back. But now, consider the plusses:
The next day, the IDF radio station broadcast our activities and then interviewed Rabin's daughter Dahlia. She admitted that she also was dissatisfied with the official version of her father's death and wanted answers.
Then the popular Tel Aviv station FM103 reported our work and interviewed a political scientist who concluded that because Rabin's murder was political, we had every right to be at the memorial service doing what we felt was right. The station was then barraged with faxes and e-mails commenting on his controversial conclusion.
We didn't make world news as we had hoped and as we would have if only another hundred people had joined us. But we accomplished something undefinable and after the ceremony was over, six of us sat together at a Tel Aviv pub to figure out what happened that night. Here are some of the notes I quickly took:

- Far, far more people read our flyers and politely ask to know more than resisted them. When I spoke to the young people who wanted to know what I meant by Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, I saw the same faces as the settler youths who had asked the same question at their rallies. The difference between these kids is really minimal.
- The only people who violently opposed us were old men. And there weren't many of them. If there were 100,000 people at the rally, easily half were wearing uniforms of the Scouts or political youth movements. If these groups hadn't been organized to come en masse, there would have been almost no one in that square mourning Rabin.
- And I was a hero to dozens of those kids, Peace Now included, who saw me recently on television and had read my books. And these kids, yes Peace Now as well, helped us all night long by explaining our cause to those who didn't understand it. And by the way, the press photographers took rolls of film of this magical encounter without being able to explain it to themselves.
- But as for the leaders of these kids...Here's Noar Avoda at work. To stop us from distributing the flyers, two Labor Youth leaders volunteered to distribute them. After wasting a few hundred we figured out they were ending up in the bins. So the next generation of Labour is already being prepared for lying and deceit. Anything for the right cause.
- And who should pass by me but Rabin's Health Minister, Ephraim Sneh. "Hey Sneh," I shouted to him. "Was it two bullets or three?" He knew what I meant. Bet he didn't expect me there to ask. He thought he was in hallowed territory, protected from Israel.
- And, just like any other rally, I met people who admired my work and passed on information. One young man proudly showed me where I mentioned him in my Rabin book. Amir knew him from school and ran to the other entrance of the sterile zone when he saw him. He noted that he had a tiny role in history. Another Laborite in his fifties told me, "You don't know what you did in the last two weeks. Peres was thrown out of leadership because of the suspicions that he murdered Rabin. I know people who switched to Peretz just to get rid of the murderer."

The lion's den was filled with my people and most were good. All they needed were a few facts leading to an awakening. And the twelve of us provided it to tens of thousands of our people. Of the twelve, two were over sixty, and three were middle-aged women.
Now, let us ask where everyone else was.
Where was the Committee To Reinvestigate The Rabin Assassination? Weren't they taking credit for planning this counter-event? And where were the other Rabin investigators and writers? It turns out it's much easier to be brave behind a computer screen. And where were the fine people of Kedumim who I spoke to just a week earlier and told them this was a way to save your homes. I guess they really want to be uprooted without a fight.
And where were the Gush Katif activists? They had a chance to arrive en masse and show the world what was done to them. But they were far too busy having their winter coats stolen from them by the Shabak and gathering in Jerusalem to talk to themselves in an auditorium to take real action. And that goes for all the right/religious protest leaders. It struck us all at that Tel Aviv pub, that they are all too cowardly to face the Israeli left. They are actually afraid of confronting scary groups of teenage leftists and a few angry old men.
And that is why they are losing.

Oslo is NAKED!

Clinton, Peretz Speak at Rabin Memorial Rally

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton told crowds gathered at the annual Rabin memorial rally to stop memorializing and continue Rabin's policies.

All the pretty platitudes aside, the photo opts and charade of "Peace Now," the Kempler video blog continues to expose the emperor has no clothes: Oslo is naked and Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body! That's the plain truth, harsh reality blowing the cover of the fantasy of fools that only continues to create more victims of "peace" because the lying prophets of such an imaginary peace delude themselves and mislead the masses!

The Kempler video blog

Saturday, November 12, 2005

What Shimon Peres doesn't want you to see or read!

The Kempler video is the seven and a half minute video made by Roni Kempler while standing on the roof of a building overlooking the scene at the Kings of Israel Square during the assassination of Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin on November 4th, 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel.


1 Kempler video revealed to the public

2 Kempler disappearing from the public discourse and returning on the Internet

3 Kempler video used to convict Yigal Amir

4 Barry Chamish gets involved

5 Questions regarding Roni Kempler

6 David Rutstein also gets involved

7 Back passenger door of the limousine at 7:17

8 Video concentrates on Yigal Amir

9 Shimon Peres and the back passenger door

10 Yigal Amir pulls out the gun

11 Mistake that video was shown to the public

12 See also

13 External links

Kempler video revealed to the public

Almost two months after the Rabin assassination, Israelis were shocked to read in their newspapers that an amateur film of the event would be shown on Channel Two news. The filmmaker was announced as a "Polish tourist". However, this story changed the day of the broadcast. The filmmaker was, in fact, an Israeli named Roni Kempler.

Kempler disappearing from the public discourse and returning on the Internet

In his sole television appearance the night his film was broadcast, Roni Kempler explained that he wasn't interested in making money. It was quickly discovered that Roni Kempler worked for the State Comptroller's Office and was a bodyguard in the Israeli army reserves. The Kempler video was shown on Israeli TV in its entirety two times in December 1996 and the name Roni Kempler was known world-wide. In the ensuing years the video is never shown in its entirety on Israeli TV, and the name Roni Kempler is never mentioned in the Israeli media. In July 2005 the video appeared on the web site and has given the world its first opportunity to examine it in detail with the aid of computer technology.

Kempler video used to convict Yigal Amir

The Kempler video was used during the trial of convicted assassin Yigal Amir, the Shamgar Commision on the Yitzhak Rabin assassination and used for a brief period to convince the Israeli public that Yigal Amir did, in fact, commit the murder of Rabin.

Barry Chamish gets involved

Barry Chamish, author of the book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, has written extensively on the contradictions in the Kempler video and the Yigal Amir murder trial. Mr. Chamish is also a well-known lecturer concerning the Yitzhak Rabin murder conspiracy in which he shows his audiences a slow motion recap of the main scenes of the Kempler video. Mr. Chamish did not have in his possesion the entire seven and a half minute uncut video to distribute to the general public, and that may be the reason why the Yitzhak Rabin assasination conspiracy still continues to this day.

Questions regarding Roni Kempler

A letter was published in the Israeli newspaper Maariv in January 1996 from Hannah Chen of Jerusalem in which Ms. Chen succinctly summarized some of the most blatant suspicions of Roni Kempler. The letter read:
"Allow me to add my doubts about the strange facts surrounding the Yitzhak Rabin assassination. You want us to believe that Roni Kempler was a just a "regular guy" who happened to take a video of the assasination. At the beginning of the video Roni Kempler was in the "sterile" area and was requested to leave. So Roni leaves and goes to the roof of an adjacent building - the perfect place for an assassin. Of course there were security personal on the roof but those security personal let Roni Kempler go home with the most important piece of evidence that existed."

David Rutstein also gets involved

The viewing of the Kempler video in 1996 convinced Barry Chamish to write and lecture on the Rabin murder conspiracy and Israeli political corruption. In September 2005, David Rutstein returned to Israel after a 15 year hiatus from the country. Mr. Rutstein noticed that Israeli TV, which dedicated the whole week to the life and death of Yitzhak Rabin, did not show the seven and a half minute video but just a few second clip of the murder itself and many Israelis did not know that the Kempler video even existed. That raised Mr. Rutstein's suspicion and he researched the Rabin murder on the internet and soon thereafter made a partnership with Barry Chamish to bring the Rabin murder conspiracy to the entire Israeli public. Subsequently, and were built in Hebrew and was built in English. In July 2005 obtained the Kempler video and shows the video free of charge on its website.

Back passenger door of the limousine at 7:17

The event captured on the film that is the center-piece of doubts about the veracity of the Shamgar Commission is the back passenger door of Rabin's limousine that closes before Yitzhak Rabin enters the car. To almost everyone who watches that door close, it appears that someone, perhaps the murderer, may have been waiting in the limousine for Rabin. This is in direct contradiction to the official conclusion that Rabin entered an empty car. This occurs at 7:17 of the video as well as at 8:41 when repeated.

Video concentrates on Yigal Amir

But there is more on the Kempler video that contradicts the official findings. As the seven and a half minute video begins we notice that the video is concentrating on Yigal Amir as Mr. Amir is by himself in the sterile area near Rabin's limousine. Mr. Roni Kempler, when interviewed, said that he concentrated on Yigal Amir because of his suspicions. We also notice that two security officers strike up a conversation with Yigal Amir at 4:20 of the video.

Shimon Peres and the back passenger door

A few minutes later, Shimon Peres comes down the steps and walks towards the crowd at the barrier. He accepts their good wishes and walks to a spot about a meter and a half opposite the hood of Rabin's car. Shimon Peres is accompanied by four bodyguards. Peres stops, looks inside the back passenger door of the limousine and then speaks to the the bodyguards. Peres and the bodyguards together look into the back passenger door of the limousine.

At this point there is a cut. Suddenly Shimon Peres is talking to Rabin's driver, Menachem Damti. Shimon Peres speaks to Menachem Damti, the driver, and subsequently Damti, Peres and the bodyguards again look at the back passenger door of the limousine. We notice in the video that Menachem Damti's head is nodding from side to side to indicate that he disagrees with something said by Shimon Peres.

Yigal Amir pulls out the gun

Shmon Peres enters his car and Yitzhak Rabin descends the steps. The camera now concentrates on Yitzhak Rabin and we see the bodyguard at Rabin's rear clearly stopping. The rear bodyguard stopping creates an open space and allows Amir a clear shot at the Prime Minister. Amir draws his gun from deep inside his right pocket, circles a student reporter named Modi Yisrael, and shoots with his left arm. At this point we see a flash of one bullet, one loud "bang" and two softer bangs. After supposedly "taking" the first bullet in the back, Yitzhak Rabin turns his neck to see who shot him. The fuzziness or cuts of the video are obvious to even an untrained eye. At the time of the shooting Yigal Amir was somewhat of a shadow. According to the ballistic testimony at the trial Rabin was shot at a very close range. Yigal Amir was far away from Rabin so the video was "cut" to extend Yigal Amir's left arm to shoot. As well, Yigal Amir is right-handed and during the re-enactment of the shooting during the trial Amir reenacted the shooting with his right arm, not his left. The entire video becomes fuzzy for two seconds after the first shot and then the video quality returns to normal. The back passenger door of the limousine closes. Rabin, the driver and bodyguard enter the limousine from the driver's side and the limousine begins to travel. Soon thereafter the video stops.

Mistake that video was shown to the public

The most haunting moment of the video is the seconds before Rabin is placed in the car, the opposite back passenger door slams shut. This segment has been examined and tested by numerous journalists, every shadow on the screen traced, every possible explanation exhausted. It seems that someone was waiting inside the car for Rabin. The question arises "Why did they make this video if it's so incriminating?" One obvious answer may be that "they made a mistake." That may be the reason why the video is not shown or even mentioned on Israeli TV. Therefore, the majority of younger Israelis don't know today that the seven and a half minute Kempler video even exists.

See also
"Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body"

Shimon Peres ordered the murder of Yitzhak Rabin?

Barry Chamish and David Rutstein, both residents of Israel, state unequivocally that Shimon Peres ordered the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin of blessed memory and NO ONE SUES THEM! Quite revealing!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Why isn't Shimon Peres in prison?

Shimon Peres is a known traitor who broke Israeli law in clandestine meetings with the mass murderers, the sworn enemies of Israel, the bloody PLO. Why hasn't he been indicted? How can he still hold office or walk around freely with impunity? "Democracy"...RUSSIAN STYLE.

Shimon Peres is not above the law!

Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body.

We will not forgive, and we will not forget!

Shimon Peres is down but not out - YET!

The end of Israel has not come - it has been forestalled by the DEFEAT of that vulture Shimon Peres, thank God!

Shimon Peres lost his vain attempt to control the Israeli Labour party and his rival won. However, that vulture Shimon Peres' talons reach into the corrupt corridors of power, which is why even though the wary people have NEVER voted him into any of the positions he has occupied, he always returns to pick some more at the flesh and blood of Israel.

The bloody vulture Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body. Justice for Rabin will not be found until Peres is arrested and indicted! He is a traitor for his illegal dealings with the bloody PLO, and he is a traitor for his part in the murder plot against Yitzhak Rabin. Shimon Peres is an unclean bird who flocks together with foul Europeans whose evil eye is on Jerusalem.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Inside Israel: Rabin Assassination

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Leah Rabin asked Israel to reopen the Rabin file

Saturday, November 05, 2005

RABIN' S MEMORIAL - The Tenth Anniversary

Shimon Peres came to power over Yitzkah Rabin's dead body!

I met Yitzhak Rabin in the Israeli Parliament in 1982 during Hanukkah. I was able to talk with him briefly and mention I was associated with Ambassador College in Pasadena, California.

That was a tactful way of saying I'm a Christian since I knew he personally knew Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God, including the Plain Truth magazine. Mr. Armstrong had presented him with a gift of Steuben crystal before.

I was a volunteer at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan at the time, in Northern Israel near Haifa. Just so happens Rabin had lived there for over a year in the late '50s.

I initially considered Rabin - born in Jerusalem - a traitor for surrendering too much to sworn Arab enemies who had not changed their goal of genocide, only their tactics; for going against clear security concerns he once expressed. (I was in a cafe in Jerusalem when he was shot in Tel Aviv). I refused to attend his funeral, although I had attended Rabbi Meir Kahane's some years before.

Later I found out Rabin was apparently being pressured by the dark powers that be to continue to go against what he knew was wrong and that he resisted and was therefore MURDERED by them for coming to his senses.

I do not believe Yigal Amir murdered Rabin. ( I've met Avishai Raviv several times at demonstrations - he's the government agent provacateur who goaded Raviv to murder Rabin). Amir is a patsy, the fall-guy, as is thoroughly expounded upon in Who Killed Yitzhak Rabin by Barry Chamish, his first book that broached the subject and clearly indicts the traitor and murderer Shimon Peres (whose Hebrew name appropriately means vulture).

I repeatedly condemn Peres as a kapo of compromise, a prostitute who serves his German-Jesuit EU masters, a traitor who has sold and is selling out Jews, Jerusalem and Israel and say as much in my book Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall I am on public record against his perfidy and continue to expose him. He was the Bolshevik in charge during my unjust deportation, who was very much aware of an article published in Jerusalem where I mention the EU plans for Jerusalem's occupation.

The Israeli Secret Police (six men interrogated me) had a computer disk with Beyond Babylon on it and said many would read it/examine it during their investigation of me during their wild goose chase. I told them to make sure Peres read it.

New evidence further PROVES Yigal Amir did not kill Yitzhak Rabin. It's past time Israelis demand: REOPEN THE RABIN FILE.

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Rabin Assassination Video Resurfaces After 10 Year Absence

Watch the Kempler Video!

The Kempler video is hot in Israel!