Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Voice From Hebron: Redemption is at Hand


Redemption is at Hand

Gary Cooperberg
July 17, 2007

To listen to President Bush talk about what the parties must do in order to achieve peace, it makes you wonder what world he is living in. He may just as well have demanded that the lion graze with the sheep. This is what the prophet predicted will happen, but until it does one must be a lunatic to lock up a sheep with a lion and expect peace. In Israel insanity among our leadership seems to be a norm. One can hardly expect an American President to care more about Israel's security than the Israeli Prime Minister. But one is hard pressed to understand how any intelligent individual can expect to turn murderous terrorists into lovers of peace. Arafat may have won the Nobel Peace prize, but one needn't be a genius to know that he was always a terrorist. Abu Mazen is no different. Both he and Hamas want the same thing. The complete destruction of the Jewish State.

When Bush seems to be trying to bribe the Arabs by offering millions of dollars to Abu Mazen if he keeps away from Hamas, the fact is that he is denying authentic democracy. The greater majority of Arabs voted for Hamas. How dare Bush tell them that they picked the wrong folks? Any child can see that Bush is trying to force his agenda upon the parties without considering the likely consequences. Clearly Israel has always demonstrated her willingness to back down to America pressure, even at her own peril. But the Arabs have self respect and would prefer to fight to the death rather than submit to presidential dictates.

One needs to pinch himself to be sure his ears and eyes are working properly. Here in Israel we have a prime minister who is turning murderers loose and trying to convince us that this will bring us closer to peace. And they call us dreamers. Our new president, the prince of peace himself, has already had the chutzpa to tell the international press that Israel must eventually give away all of Judea and Samaria. Now it may well be that Peres truly wants peace. But certainly he is old enough to remember the blissful peace we once had before we ever redeemed Judea and Samaria. One is hard put to understand why we ever went to war in 1967 when the Arabs had all of these lands that Peres insists that we must give to them for peace.

And Netanyahu is the genius who suggested that Jordan be invited to send troops into Judea and Samaria ostensibly to protect us from Hamas. Since when did this former Prime Minister lose faith in the IDF? And he thinks he will get another chance to be Prime Minister.

We are getting to the point where even the most absurd concepts are being accepted as normal and reasonable. The very survival of our nation appears to be under grave threat by our own leaders. All likely contenders for the office of our next Prime Minister are cut from the same cloth and promise no improvement.

Clearly redemption is closer than ever. When the majority of Jews finally realize that none of our leaders is able to help us they will turn in desperation to our Father in Heaven. They will begin to understand that the only explanation for our very existence is owing to His infinite mercy and personal protection. Then we will return unto Him in penitence, prayer and supplication and seek to serve Him by observing His Law. Then we will become worthy of His miracles which will permeate the world and fulfill the prophesies which have yet to come to pass. He will send us one True Jewish Leader who will lead us in battle and return genuine Jewish pride and fear of G-d to our nation.

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