Saturday, July 28, 2007

Gun owners sound off on Yitzhak Rabin assassination

A growing debate among gun owners is whether or not the gun allegedly used to assassinate Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin could have shot blanks.

All have viewed the Kempler video of Yitzhak Rabin murder in Tel Aviv and have come to different conclusions.

If you know anything about guns, feel free to weigh in on this gun debate.

Here are two views:


Cut it OUT, Already! We have PROVEN that your claims are impossible.

1. It was impossible that Amir fired blanks, since blanks will not operate his pistol.

2. Ballistic tests proved that the bullets extracted from Prime Minister Rabin came from Amir's gun and no other.

3. Ballistic tests also proved that the cartridge cases found on the scene were fired from Amir's gun and no other.

These are more than sufficient to disprove your preposterous claims that someone OTHER than Amir shot Rabin.

David F Mayer



Depending on what type of blank is used, an automatic pistol may or may not work after the FIRST shot.

Basically, the pistol's carriage goes back to allow another cartridge to enter the firing chamber using a small amount of the power generated by the firing of the powder of the previous bullet.

The carriage and that includes the firing chamber as well as the rifled tube, barrel, which the bullet travels through on its way out, are easily moved by hand on pistols that require that for the first shot. "Cocking". Other pistols are motivated by the trigger mechanism.

I have owned or fired several guns and tried at one time or another blanks and in some cases the pistol locked and in other cases the pistol worked normally. DEPENDING FOR THE MOST ON THE AMOUNT of powder used to load the cartridge and type of powder. The amount of energy delivered to both the bullet and the carriage depends on those things.

Compare it to a piston on a car's engine. If you put LOW OCTANE gasoline the power generated by the igniting gasoline will be low, if in turn you put HIGH OCTANE gasoline that will increase and if you add nitro or sugar then that mixture will deliver a huge increase on power and of course cause to blow a piston as well... LOL

I observed the "flare" coming out of Amir's pistol at the time he fired upon Rabin. The welding torch like flare I saw was huge indicating either a very light bullet or no bullet in the shot. The flare escaped forward as if there was no bullet using the energy... Also shows that the type of powder use was not the most modern either.

BOTTOM LINE Unless that pistol is tried by experts, not with the government or involved on the case, using blank cartridges, there is almost certainty that the pistol could have fired blanks. Before the test firings the pistol MUST be disassembled and checked thoroughly to ascertain that no component has been tampered with. ALL components and dimensions must be checked against the gun manufacturer's drawing and specifications beforehand.

Since the Amir cartridges have been fired, there is no way to assure that the test will repeat the actual shots. Being hand loaded, anyone could have used different loads on those shots and the ones remaining. In fact the remaining cartridges are worthless for any action leading to ferreting the truth.

With all due respect to the fellow in the denial trail, there are many experts on firearms other than those suspects working with the SB's, that of course meaning the Shin Bet, not the other thing, :-).

BULLETS EXTRACTED FROM RABIN Ballistic tests are easily tampered with. A thousand and one ways. Again lets do some basic review on how its is done. A bullet traveling through a gun's barrel accepts a "signature" from the mechanical condition of the barrel, rifling marks, barrel distortions, etc. It then enters the target and is in most cases grossly deformed by the impact/s. It is not difficult at all to fire again that pistol against a dummy and generate samples comparably similar to those extracted from Rabin, or claimed to have been extracted from him. Going into basics. Another team of investigators must do the testing.

My LITMUS test is predicated upon the fact that the criminals in government here have been repeatedly involved on tampering with evidence, fabricating files, performing frame ups, ordering and effecting murders, participating on torture, conspiracies, etc.

Something or a lot is fishy on that murder. Besides the timing and use of it that followed.

SHmuel HaLevi


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Gun owners sound off on Yitzhak Rabin assassination