Sunday, July 01, 2007

EU Army Under German Command?

German politicians call for a "supra-national European army"

A number of leading MPs from the governing German SPD party have called on EU members to “integrate our national armies into a supra-national army, a European army.” In their report – “On the Way towards a European army” – they argue that, “National armies within an increasingly strong, supranational EU will gradually develop into relics of the last century... We should build on the successes of the European unification process, and as an expression of our common security interests we should have the courage to initiate a development at the end of which we have a European army.” They point out that the process has already got underway, “we are not starting from scratch. Especially in the fifteen years following the end of the division of Europe, in other words since 1990, the EU has made great progress in closer cooperation on security and defence policy. Step by step, we have steadily advanced, even if from time to time our achievements are obscured by talk of crises and widespread Euro-scepticism.” They conclude, “As Social Democrats in Europe we want to take the initiative of embarking on the road to a European army. For decades Germany has lived in peace with its neighbours, many are our fellow members in NATO and the EU. We are ready to enter into a process at the end of which we integrate our national armies into a supra-national army, a European army.”

On the way towards a European army