Saturday, February 04, 2006

Herbert Armstrong: a Diamond among Coal

Worth repeating:

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Germany Behind the Mask: Monster or Marshmallow?

From Name: Ruvy in Jerusalem
Comments: Didn't see this till now (21:40 Israel time, Motzaei Shabbat)

First of all, David, this is an excellent piece. We don't track on everything, but on keeping a close eye on Germany, we most assuredly do.

So, I have a question for you. Have you seen any machinations behind Chancellor Merkel? Evidences of the Social Christian party of Bayern in action?

Finally, for Dave Nalle and others reading this article.

I've noticed that looking behind the conventional and comfortable sources of data, news and ideas is very difficult for you, to put it politely. It is for most people. But survival in the future will depend on being able to look beyond what is your comfortable source of news, data and ideas.

A future that you do not understand at all is rushing at you with gathering speed. The riots in Damesek, the burning of two Danish embassies are just small signs of this.

While I am not a Christian and do not agree with everything that David ben Ariel's church believes in, the Philadelphia Trumpet has had a habit of calling events before they've occurred. That is something worth paying attention to.

Occasionally, I would listen to some of the Christian preachers on TV while I lived in the States. Curiosity would draw me there. The majority were just hucksters with only garbage on their tongues. Herbert Armstrong stood out as one man making sense, a diamond amongst a pile of coal. He actually provided analyses, where the other preachers provided nothing but thin air.

Again, I point out that I am no Christian and never will be. But David is worth paying careful attention to.